Welcome to Naymel Hair Salon

We are London based hairdressing salons offering professional and expert afro and mixed race or multi textured hairdressing. Our desire, passion and vision has helped us to be best hairdressers in London for afro and mixed race hair styling.

We have a strong London clientele and attract clients from across the UK. Our stylists are renowned for their expert knowledge of multi-textured mixed race hair which allows them to create the perfect hairstyle for afro hair.

We are highly trained in straightening afro hair, softening afro curls and relaxing afro or multi-textured hair. We can also transform your hair with weaves and hair extensions and with a superb new hair cut and style.


Our Services

Our stylists have years of experience in creating award-winning, beautiful hair colour and hairstyles for natural afro and multi-textured hair, relaxed hair and hairstyles for women with weaves, locs and braids.

Our key services are followed:

Weave On Frontal

Weave On

Single Plaits

Twist Braids

Ghana Braids

Pony Tail

Gel Twist

Pick and Drop

Ghana Braid Kids

Wash and Set

Weave and Blow dry

Wash and Dry Tong

Relaxing Treatment

Hair and Dye

Steam and Oil Treatment

Wigs and Indian Hair